Code Red Message from the City of Zion


An urgent message from the City of Zion.

Presently, we are experiencing a regional flash flooding condition.

Please note the following: All available City resources are deployed to address flooding and emergency conditions. All City departments have met together and have a unified response plan for emergencies.

If your basement is flooding, it is appropriate to contact a private contractor. Though we sympathize with those that are experiencing flooding conditions, we are unable to assist on private property. If at any time you smell smoke, natural gas or have electrical arcing, you should call 9-1-1 to report your emergency. It is extremely hazardous to enter a flooded basement and electrocution risk is very high.

If your sump pump is running you have no need to enter your basement. As the rain subsides, the City infrastructure will catch up with the flood waters. If you have a non-emergency flooding situation, you may report it to 847-746-4060 during business hours. After hours, the police dispatch non-emergency phone number is 847-872-8000.


Fresh photos taken this morning
by Gibbie Buchholtz

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