Zion Spelling Bee 2012

Fifteen teams battled it out in the seventh annual Community Spelling Bee until the final two were pitted against each other: that of Congdon’s Funeral Home comprised of Bill Dermody, Mark Twadell and Sandra Shea, and that of Zion-Benton Library with Nann Blaine Hilyard, Steffie Smith and Sarah Washkoviak.

No winning team is declared until one team correctly spells one more word than the other team. The word that put the ZBT Library team down was lethean. Congdon’s triumphed with one final word spelled correctly, which was atrament. Oh well, who’s heard of those words anyway? And if no one has heard of them, what good are they? If you use them, no one knows what the heck you’re talking about.

Good job, all the teams!


Teams were:

1.) Abbott team  # 1

2.) Abbott team # 2

3.) Cancer Treatment Centers of America

4.) Congdon Funeral Home

5.) First Midwest Bank

6.) Graphic Partners

7.) Lake County News Sun

8.) Queen Bees of Zion

9.) Red Hat Society

10.) Rolling Hills Campus

11.) State Rep JoAnne Osmon

12.) Grove at the Lake

13.) Zion-Benton Library

14.) Zion Benton Township High School

15. Zion Park District

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